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Director – Pawan Verma

B.E in Electrical engineering with MBA and Energy Auditor from Bureau of Energy Efficiency.Experience of 22 Years in Various India and World well known RenewableCompanies on Leadership Positions.
Experience and Qualification of Director:

Our Director has Graduate Electrical Engineer and MBA with Energy Manager from Ministry of Power and have rich experience in well know renewable companies on leadership positions in Suzlon Energy, Enercon India, Greenko Energy and Azure Power. So vision to make the company to the best in Market.

"Whenever I talk about the prospects of solar energy, I am reminded ofthe immortal words of Victor Hugo: "No army can stop an idea whose time has come." Solar energy issuch an idea, whose march forward cannot be stopped by any force on earth. In fact, the lives ofpresent and unborn generations will depend on how fast we can embrace this clean, green andabundant energy source now.

Solar Power not only helps people to get electricity from Sun also change the quality of their living style. I would like to thanks my team who helped to complete thismission and setting up the solar panel unit. We are looking towards our valuable customer who will beinterested in our panels and support reducing the carbon emission and contribute to their cooperationtowards environments. Sunrays EPC Energies qualities of products are as per the internationalstandard and process. Sunrays EPC Energies believes in high efficiency i.e. maximum utilization ofSunrays and converting it to electricity.