Experience in Renewable Energy

Our deeply experience of more than 22 years in renewable energy sector gives us expert knowledge to make our project better.

Technical Qualified

We are technically sound our expertknowledge so we make our projects more efficient.

After Sales Service

We have Inverter Expert Engineerso we give after sales services on one call and rectify thebreakdowns in less time.

Inverter Specialist Engineer

We also depute our Inverter Engineer in our projects so the problems relatedto inverters can be minimizing during project time itself.

Government Dealing and Policy Matter

We are expert in Government Policies and First Net meter of State installed by us.


We have own R&D Team to take care the latest and highly efficient product and use in our projects. Weuse only Tier 1 Products in our projects.

Project under our Experience and Qualified Engineers

We install projects in timeline.

Project Design

We design our project through world leading software.

Local Service Center and Local Office

We have local service team and office in Bhilwara, Top Company Management in Bhilwara - We take care our business very seriously and companyDirector Sits in Bhilwara to manage all activities effectively and efficiently.

Experience and Qualification of Team

Our Team has all Graduate Engineers and having good experiencein well-known renewable companies.

Cost with Quality and Safety

Our in-house R&D Team and value engineering make our project a good quality and cost effective, sustainableand meet expectations. Our long term relationships and partnerships with vendors allow us to bring the termquality to another level. We have multiple preferred suppliers for panels, combiner boxes, inverters and rackingsystems for our installations. Doing so allows us to install a PV system that we know will perform to the highest standards and at its maximum output.